Trees For Life

Trees for Life aims to create a better Canada by augmenting, amplifying, and accelerating the goals of community-led tree-planting organizations where we live, work, and play. Together we are building a greener planet for future generations while recognizing the heroes who enrich our lives.

Trees For Life
Trees For Life
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Trees for Life is a Canadian charity driven to inspire, fund, and mobilize, community-led tree and shrub-planting organizations.  Its mission is to create a healthier, happier Canada by planting native trees where people live, work, and play. They support these groups with partner outreach and advocacy, funding and fundraising tools, and access to expertise, resources, and education.

Building on the success of their first two campaigns, the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign and GrandTrees Climate Solutions, they have raised over $16 million to support the planting and stewardship of over 3.1 million trees and counting. Inspired by this donor and partner commitment, Trees for Life uses its insights and partner networks to extend its vision and impact nationwide, including the launch of a new campaign to support the planting of 1 million more Trees for Heroes by the end of 2028, and raising $6 million to do it.

These locally-led plantings will pay tribute to the heroes who improve our communities and our country, such as first responders, front-line and healthcare workers, the military, teachers, loved ones, and many others.

Launched with a grant from NRCan through the Federal Government’s 2 Billion Trees Program, the strength of its connections, combined with its unique community-led approach, and science-based planting methods, ensures the most critical local needs are met and that the tree-planting capacity of its partners is enhanced.

The Veritas Foundation charity review indicated a return on charity capital of over 4:1, with every donated dollar generating over $4 in value.

We work with any who share our goals and values, whether individuals, corporations, civic organizations, fellow not-for-profit organizations, First Nations, and governments at any level—to get more trees planted in communities across Canada. 

Trees for Life believes in the power of trees to cool our streets, filter the air and water, and improve our mental and physical health now and for future generations.

Please contact them for more information, and join their mission to plant millions more trees where Canadians live, work, and play.

Trees For Life

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