Trees For Life

We are raising funds to plant millions of the right trees in the right places over the next 10 years to fight against climate change, and in support of Canada’s 2 Billion Trees Program.

Trees For Life
Trees For Life
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Trees for Life (TFL) is a national charity committed to funding, mobilizing, empowering, and inspiring tree-planting initiatives across the country.

TFL’s mission is to create a healthier and happier Canada by planting trees where we live, work and play, for all the benefits trees bring now and especially for future generations. Trees fight climate change by cooling communities; they reduce pollution in air and water; absorb rainfall and reduce erosion to guard against the effects of drought and flooding; and provide habitat, food, and protection for birds and other wildlife. The presence of trees improves human health and well-being, social cohesion, even property values. We need to plant more trees!

With your help, Trees for Life eliminates the hurdles that get in the way of maximizing the tree-planting capacity of our partners. With strong relationships with the horticultural industry and other trusted partners, TFL provides tree-planting organizations with the tools, resources, and networks to grow existing tree-planting initiatives, implement new ones, and educate members of their communities about the vital role of trees.

Our first two campaigns, the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign and GrandTrees Climate Solutions, raised over $12.4 million to support the of planting over 2.4 million trees. Now, we are working nationwide.

We need your help to plant another 1.3 million trees by the end of 2022! 

The Government of Canada has committed nearly $2.5 million in support for Trees for Life in 2022 through the 2 Billion Trees Program. We also leverage in-kind donations from the horticultural industry, further maximizing the impact of your gifts. Our charity review conducted by the Veritas Foundation indicated a return on charity capital of over 4:1, with every donated dollar generating over $4 in value.

We work with any who share our goals and values, whether individuals, corporations, civic organizations, fellow not-for-profit organizations, First Nations and governments at any level—to get more trees planted in communities across Canada.

Please contact us for more information, and join our mission to plant millions more trees where Canadians live, work and play.

Trees For Life

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