There are only a few easy steps to creating a successful campaign for your Veritas Foundation Giving Fund Account:

  1. Before you start, plan out your campaign timeline with SMART goals, deadlines, and tasks. A successful online fundraising campaign will take time to plan for. You need to ensure that you have an achievable yet ambitious goal to inspire your supporters. The most effective goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based (or SMART). It’s a good idea to look at your past campaigns and set realistic goals. From there, lay out the rest of your campaign timeline and assign tasks to team members to stay on track.
  2. Promote your online fundraising campaign on multiple channels for maximum exposure. In order to reach as many donors and supporters as possible, try to take advantage of multiple engagement channels. Look at where your audience is already active, whether on social media or through emails, and make those channels a priority,
  3. Online gifts are made through your Veritas Foundation account and online Campaign Donation form. In order to have an online fundraising campaign, donors need a dedicated place where they can give. Set up your online donation page here for this campaign that explains your goals and how it will help your mission. Share your campaign page through a link. From there, supporters simply input their financial details and make a gift.
  4. Continue fundraising momentum by keeping up communication and expressing the impact of each donation. A great way to motivate your donors is to let them know how your current campaign is going. You can get this information instantly by logging in to your account. As soon as they make a gift or a milestone is reached, we send out an email letting your supporters know of the impact. For example, if you’re raising money for your school, specify that donations of a certain amount provide books for a classroom. This way, donors know they’re truly making a difference and can visualize it.
  5. Wrap up your event with donor appreciation letters and evaluate your success. Once your online fundraising campaign wraps up, we automatically summarize it and express donor appreciation. After all, without your donors you wouldn’t be able to accomplish half as much as you have!

We have created a convenient brochure Guide To Promoting Your Campaign to assist you in managing your campaign!

Charity Campaign Checklist
□ Create SMART Goals
□ Create Promotional Material
□ Start Marketing!
□ Consider Donation Incentives:
□ Matched Donations
□ Recurring Donations
□ Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
□ Keep Momentum Going
□ Wrap Up the Campaign

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