Tempo Fest

Toronto-based, internationally focused, TEMPO Fest is a non-profit music experience and industry meeting place that celebrates the vibrancy and vitality of the Now Sound of Italy. It's vision is to serve as the world’s premier festival and industry hub, igniting creative spirits, elevating experiences, and opening up opportunities for artists, audiences and music professionals through the celebration of today’s Italian music.
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TEMPO Fest promises to become a cultural event of international significance. It will be a hub for Italian, Canadian and International artists and music sectors. A space to ignite creativity, foster collaborations, elevate our human experience. TEMPO Fest will be the platform for a next generation of creators and thought leaders. It will promote the cultural harmony that we all – people, nations and the world – need now.

Tempo Fest is dedicated to artist selection, programming, and new works that create a bold and audience-galvanizing vision for the Now Sound of Italy, of Canada and beyond.

Tempo Fest

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