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  1. Square Circle HQ

    Square Circle is a non-profit organization that strives to provide education, empowerment, and a secure haven for children and youth in underserved communities. Please provide your support today!

    $300,840.00 donated

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  2. We Support LGBTQ Ukraine Fund

    Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces on February 24, LGBTQ+ people in Ukraine have been among the country’s fiercest defenders and organizers, while also being among its most marginalized citizens. The We Support LGBTQ Ukraine Fund is raising monies for six non-governmental organizations in Ukraine that are serving the immediate needs of queer people – particularly those who have remained in the country.

    $136,330.96 donated

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  3. TRIP Canada 2023-2024

    TRIP Canada – a Changemaker in Sri Lanka since 2005. Our mission is to create sustainable communities and transform lives. Thanks to our donors and volunteers:

    • 59 families are in new homes.
    • 50+ kids are in our education programs annually.
    • 53 students have graduated from university.
    • 253 volunteers (16 teams) have given their time in Sri Lanka

    TEAM 17 is getting ready for APRIL 2024 and more volunteers are welcome!

    $110,440.92 donated of $60,000.00 goal

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  4. Red Heifer Farms Fundraiser

    Red Heifer Farms is a community-based volunteer organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. The farm is a charity farm. Everything that is grown on Red Heifer Farms is given away. Help us by donating today!

    $35,000.00 donated

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  5. CJF Black Journalism Fellowship Program

    The CJF Black Journalism Fellowship Program is offered to Black Canadian journalists with one to five years of experience and aims to amplify Black voices, improve coverage of Black issues in the news and cultivate future Black media leaders in Canada’s major media and community outlets.

    $33,090.00 donated of $50,000.00 goal

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  6. Club Sandwich

    We ‘sandwich’ the meal gap for the homeless and food insecure in Toronto. The meal gap is the time period between when local missions provide a hot meal or food bank offering and until they do so again.

    $31,998.60 donated

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  7. Food for the Record

    Food for the Record

    We spin vinyl into food for the homeless and food insecure. All proceeds go to Club Sandwich. We ‘sandwich’ the meal gap for the homeless and food insecure. We are close to reaching 200,000 sandwiches! * the total donations seen below is for all activities this year. Don’t dismay. Your $5 donation has a good chance of winning the Vinyl Package.

    $19,167.98 donated

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  8. The Rafe O’Connor Children’s Fund

    The fund commemorates the outstanding life of past employee, Rafe O’Connor, of The Bourgeois Auto Group by endowing children’s programming at We Are The Villagers, a registered Canadian Charity.

    $17,389.00 donated

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  9. Friends of Allan Gardens Palm House Renovation

    To support the historic Palm House Renovation Project at Allan Gardens with new plants, materials, and programing.

    $9,749.09 donated of $50,000.00 goal

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  10. Lift360 Mentorship Program

    Donate today to launch an exciting new project, Lift360. Your donation will be directed to our startup expenses and to show grassroots support for this important initiative.

    $8,400.00 donated of $10,000.00 goal

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  11. All Hands In

    Join us in making a difference in the lives of children in a remote indigenous community! We are organizing a fundraising campaign to build a library and computer lab, providing educational opportunities that these children have never had before. In this community, where electricity is not available, we aim to create a space where children can explore the world of books and gain access to technology that will broaden their horizons.

    $6,375.00 donated

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  12. County Food Hub

    Support the County Food Hub, a leading edge certified commercial “sharing” kitchen, providing chefs, caterers, home cooks, and food product developers with industry-best equipment, space, time, and storage to serve their diverse needs.

    $5,000.00 donated

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Veritas Charity Services Inc. (VCSI), a subsidiary of the Veritas Group, provides to donors, charities and others independent, fair and respectful research into Canadian registered charities to help them in evaluating and choosing their favoured charities.  We conduct in-depth reviews of Canadian registered charities, all within a unique and comprehensive VScore program framework.  We regularly publish these in reports for subscribers and the public.

VCSI also provides administrative services to charities such as account administration and servicing, marketing, advertising and promotion, grant administration, application reviews and account setups.



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