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  1. Homes4Hope – 2021 Fundraising

    Providing families with a safe home of their own is a cornerstone for regaining dignity and hope in life for themselves and their children. The partnership between Homes4Hope, Hope and Healing & Habitat for Humanity provides a unique and effective infrastructure to maximize each dollar provided by donors for the benefit of those families in need.
    $47,248.20 donated of $125,000.00 goal

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  2. CBHA/ACHA Awards Fund

    The Canadian Business History Association - l'association canadienne pour l'histoire des affaires (CBHA/ACHA) is dedicated to the pursuit of Canadian business history and its role both domestically and in world business history. Our Awards Fund will sponsor scholarships and grants to further present, preserve, and engage on Canadian business history.
    $16,718.53 donated of $25,000.00 goal

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  3. Club Sandwich

    We ‘sandwich’ the meal gap for the homeless and food insecure in Toronto. The meal gap is the time period between when local missions provide a hot meal or food bank offering and until they do so again.
    $14,027.00 donated

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  4. The Christa Campaign

    This project supports the creation of a ceramic version of the acclaimed Christa art piece by artist Edwina Sandys. The art will be a signature piece for the 2022 International Ceramic Arts Fair being held at The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto, Canada. This art will be commissioned to a rising and talented Canadian ceramicist.
    $5,000.00 donated of $250,000.00 goal

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  5. Iona Studios Art Project Fund

    Iona Studio is a new cultural space in the heart of Toronto, Canada that will develop exhibitions and projects related to contemporary art and other cultural forms. Through its expertise and knowledge in the contemporary art world, its curators will select, mentor, and present artists with outstanding talent. The Iona Studio Project Fund will help fund this program of artistic development.
    $4,982.50 donated of $125,000.00 goal

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  6. Food for the Record

    Food for the Record

    We spin vinyl into food for the homeless and food insecure. All proceeds go to Club Sandwich. We ‘sandwich’ the meal gap for the homeless and food insecure.
    $3,257.50 donated

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  7. Veritas Holiday Spirit Fundraising Campaign

    The staff of The Veritas Group of Companies invites everyone to share their good fortune with children in our community who are less fortunate. The charity of choice this year is We Are The Villagers (WATV).
    $1,900.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal

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  8. The Great Mask Clean Up

    Despite millions of people being told to use face masks, little guidance has been given on how to dispose of or recycle them safely. As countries begin to lift lockdown restrictions, billions of masks will be needed each month globally. Without better disposal practices, an environmental disaster is looming. We decided to do something about it. Let’s Team Up to Clean Up!
    $500.00 donated of $250,000.00 goal

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  9. Community Connect Toronto Fall Campaign

    To meet the increased funding required to meet the urgent need of members of Toronto's equity seeking groups who are facing food insecurity.
    $100.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal

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  10. Nepalability Fall Campaign

    NepalAbility is a University of Toronto affiliated group of volunteers dedicated to reducing disability in Nepal. Our fall campaign will raise the funds necessary to administer our programs in 2022. Please continue to help us make rehabilitation available to the people of Nepal!
    $50.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal

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  11. Please help the Small Change Fund

    You want to change something, or support the people doing it. Great. That’s the first step. But what’s the next one? Small Change Fund is the quick, easy and effective way for communities across Canada to amplify their impact with expert advice, greater awareness and crowdfunding. And for people with vision to get behind them. Awareness, action, results. The next step in change. Join us in being the next step in change!
    $0.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal

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  12. Friends of Allan Gardens Holiday Fundraiser

    Allan Gardens is an inclusive garden oasis in the heart of downtown Toronto. This holiday season, please consider supporting The Friends of Allan Gardens. Your support allows us to continue and expand our work. Things like planning for special events, engaging children, families and volunteers in meaningful programming, outreaching to and engaging the nearby community, assisting with education and beautification as well as planning for the future.
    $0.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal

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Veritas Charity Services Inc. (VCSI), a subsidiary of the Veritas Group, provides to donors, charities and others independent, fair and respectful research into Canadian registered charities to help them in evaluating and choosing their favoured charities.  We conduct in-depth reviews of Canadian registered charities, all within a unique and comprehensive VScore program framework.  We regularly publish these in reports for subscribers and the public.

VCSI also provides administrative services to charities such as account administration and servicing, marketing, advertising and promotion, grant administration, application reviews and account setups.



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