The Great Mask Clean Up

Despite millions of people being told to use face masks, little guidance has been given on how to dispose of or recycle them safely. As countries begin to lift lockdown restrictions, billions of masks will be needed each month globally. Without better disposal practices, an environmental disaster is looming. We decided to do something about it. Let’s Team Up to Clean Up!

The Great Mask Clean Up
The Great Mask Clean Up
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The majority of masks are manufactured from long-lasting plastic materials, and if discarded can persist in the environment for decades to hundreds of years. This means they can have a number of impacts on the environment and people. ​

2021 Objectives include: Build the Website (Complete); Create the Introduction Video (Complete); Create/Grow the GMC Volunteer Database (In-Progress); Set-Up The Community Clean-Up Programs (In-Progress); Fundraising (In-Progress); Build the GMC Team (In-Progress).

Scope of Our Program Offering: Education; Clean-Up Programs (In-Community); Multi-Media Applications (On-Line).

Our goal is to get as many Earth Heroes as possible to cleanup a location of their liking and inspiring others, while staying safe. So, are you ready to help us make a difference? I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s Team Up to Clean Up!

Michael Seymour, The Great Mask Clean-Up

The Great Mask Clean Up

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