Red Heifer Farms Fundraiser

Red Heifer Farms is a community-based volunteer organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. The farm is a charity farm. Everything that is grown on Red Heifer Farms is given away. Help us by donating today!
$35,000.00 donated
2 Donors

The farm exists for the sole purpose of giving generously, giving without parameters, and without expectation.  Everything that can be given is given.   Come up and pick apples from the orchard or strawberries or raspberries from the field– for free and without limitation.  Need to use our barn or fields for your non-profit event?  Red Heifer Farms is happy to help.

Red Heifer Farms wants to bring school to children up to work on the farm, to teach them where there food comes from and the effort that it takes to get to their dinner plates, and most importantly to teach them that they are not growing food to feed themselves but to feed others.

At the end of the season, everything that is harvested is given to food banks in and around the Greater Toronto Area.  Do you have a food bank or shelter that could benefit from a free organic food delivery?  Let us know.

Red Heifer Farms Fundraiser

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