Driving the Road to Recovery

VisionQuest is dedicated to assist individuals overcome the struggles of addiction.  We are in desperate need of new vehicles to continue our mission. We are raising funds to replace 3 of our aging and ailing vans.

Driving the Road to Recovery
Driving the Road to Recovery
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Incorporated as a charity in 1995 VisionQuest Recovery Society first came to the public’s attention in 1997. In that year, the VisionQuest Canoe Journey took place. This journey was a one-thousand-mile paddle from Hazelton to Victoria, coinciding with the 1997 Tribal Journeys and the North American Aboriginal Games. The trip brought together people from many diverse backgrounds. RCMP S/Sgt. Ed Hill and noted west coast artist Roy Henry Vickers had the vision of seeing the opening of a facility for the treatment and healing of Substance Use Disorder.

Since 1997, the Society has continued to work towards its vision of creating safe places for people of all Nations to recover from the abuses in their lives. VisionQuest offers a 6-month to 1-year program and currently operates 3 facilities; Harte House, a 10-bed women’s 1st and 2nd stage house. Discovery House, a 10-bed men’s 2nd stage house and V.Q. – The Lake, a 60-bed facility mandatory for all 1st stage male clients.

Why is V.Q. Needed

While VisionQuest serves all people who are looking for recovery, we are especially attuned to the needs of the following:

–          Those entrenched in the justice system

–          Low income

–          First Nations

The length of our six-month program comes from a neuro-psychological perspective; individuals with addiction have experienced actual brain changes. They have developed maladaptive coping strategies that have become engrained into their behavioural repertoire. They have internalized a self-image of incredible worthlessness, and many have depleted their formal and informal sources of support.

Given that addiction is a bio (physical), psycho (thoughts and feelings), social (entrenched in and reinforced by relationships and environments), spiritual (loss of purpose and meaning, connection with a higher power and belief system) condition, addressing the challenges that are both cause and effect of addiction is no small task. The benefit of a six-month program is that the client has a significant amount of time to begin to heal their brain, learn new coping strategies and ways of thinking, establish a new “identity” as that of a sober person and connect with others with like-minded recovery goals.

V.Q.’s fee structure enables low-income individuals to seek quality services in a sector with no equity and that often overcharges. All who need help deserve help, and V.Q.’s mission and focus are to ensure they receive it.

Because our main facility is located remotely and we bring in residents from across the country we have 4 vans we use to transport the residents and supplies to our facilities as well as to and from health care appointments. 3 of our 4 vans are in desperate need of replacement, 2 of which operate on high mountain highways in inclement winter weather zones. Your support will enable us to continue to serve the residents’ needs and keep recovery a viable option regardless of their income challenges.

Driving the Road to Recovery

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