Our Annual Charity Sector Update for 2023 is Now Available

This report presents an update to the analysis of the Canadian Charitable and Philanthropic Sector as at December 31st, 2021 with comparative analysis to December 31st, 2016 and 2020.

The analysis reflects data on 49,190 charities. Excluded from the analysis are charities directly involved in the provision of Education and those with a Religious purpose.

Core Healthcare represents the largest component of the charitable sector. Because of its dominant size our analysis is presented both including and excluding Core Healthcare.

We present a brief summary of the structure of the Sector from a regulatory and operational standpoint. We then provide insight into the size of the Sector by Number of Charities, Assets and Revenues including sub-categories for each. Further research is presented on Employment and Geographical Distribution. We then present the Canadian sector in a Global Context. Appendices are included ranking the largest Canadian charities in six categories.

See the Executive Summary and order your Report HERE.

Our Annual Charity Sector Update for 2023 is Now Available
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