Research Report on the Use of Gifts-in-Kind in the Canadian Charitable Sector Now Available

Our most recent charity sector Research Report is now available for viewing. This report analyzes the use of Gifts-in-Kind in Canada’s charitable sector.

Gifts-in-kind have been an option for donors to Canadian charities and foundations for many years. How popular are they, what charities use them, what types of gift-in-kind are popular, and is this method of giving used across all charity types?  In this report, we delve into the numbers to answer these and other questions.

We begin by presenting the many types of gifts-in-kind available to donors and charities. Included are the specific tax implications and administrative procedures for each category of gift-in-kind.

We also look at the historical prevalence of gifts-in-kind in Canada. Specifically, we present:

  •  * the total dollar value of gifts-in-kind over the past five years,
  •  * what portion of total donations is represented by gifts-in-kind,
  •  * what proportion of Canada’s charities report receiving gifts-in-kind,
  •  t* he average and median values of the donor’s gift-in-kind over time,
  •  * which charity categories receive the most gifts-in-kind,
  • *  and the breakdown of the types of gifts-in-kind.

This thorough analysis provides Canada’s charities and foundations a convenient summary of the potential of gifts-in-kind as a donation option for existing and future donors. For the donor, the analysis provides insight into how they may diversify and magnify their giving to their favourite charities and foundations.

You can read the Executive Summary and order the full report HERE.

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Research Report on the Use of Gifts-in-Kind in the Canadian Charitable Sector Now Available