County Food Hub

Support the County Food Hub, a leading edge certified commercial “sharing” kitchen, providing chefs, caterers, home cooks, and food product developers with industry-best equipment, space, time, and storage to serve their diverse needs.

County Food Hub
County Food Hub
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Born out of the availability of excess space of an elementary school scheduled for closure, County Food Hub is an exemplar of how to ensure a stronger commitment to rural education while supporting the needs of a vital culinary industry and developing a broader commitment to sustainable healthy food development and education.

County Food Hub services small-scale food operations, caterers, food truck proprietors, restaurants, not-for-profit food security organizations, and, through a developing program of food education and training, the students, parents and community of Prince Edward County and the Bay of Quinte.

➢Provide Ontario with a model approach to strengthening rural education that makes use of surplus school space to provide educational opportunities for students and social and economic opportunities for local communities.

➢ Provide food production and development opportunities so that local entrepreneurs can more efficiently take their ideas to market, improving local economic development.

➢ Provide support for healthy food distribution and food training so that more and more under-served low income families have increased access to healthy food at reasonable cost.

➢ Provide space and resources for food service training to support the fast-growing culinary industry in the region.

➢ Develop innovative enhanced learning opportunities to encourage a life-time commitment to healthy eating, food sustainability and a keen appreciation of the opportunities present in the local food industry.

County Food Hub

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